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Selamat Hari Raya!

maaf zahir dan batin :)

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I haven't post anything on this blog for weeks. So there's cobweb everywhere! haha :D Actually, I'm here to wish you all,

hope everything you do this month is blessed and may the force be with you to resist all your desire and lusts :)

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Hey Kids of Planet Earth!

Listen up!

I officially stop the production.

But not forever, though. I'll continue writing after SPM which is in December (believe me, I'll have more time to write after SPM). Trial starts in 2 weeks so, I need to concentrate more on my studies because it will determine my future. Pray for us so that we will get straight A's ;)

Sorry, people :'(

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I'm Soooooooo Sorry!

I wanted to write today, but I don't have the mood and I didn't get inspired. I'm really sorry! So, just enjoy this video :) I'll write tomorrow, I hope.

I truly am sorry.

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The theme song for season 2 will be Green Day - 21 Guns. Thanks for voting, guys! ;) and Season 2 starts tomorrow :)

Also, thanks for supporting HMH! :D

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Dear Readers,

I'm sorry to tell you this, but the drama ended here. Second season had been cancelled. There's some problem occured earlier this week that made us stop the production. Sorry!


if you do want this drama to continue, shout on the top of your lungs,

HMH the best!!!!
Show your support. Put it on your blog or even your myspace profile ;)

It's our special movement for Ahmad Husaini bin Asul Kahar :)

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Hey, people! Watch this :)

I'm a Jonas Brothers ADDICT! Don't believe it? Ask my friends ;)
Nick is my favourite

Oh yeah, I tried to upload a video of me playing Fly With Me on the piano but it's too big. I'm still trying to make it smaller. When I did, I will post it. One more thing, the SECOND SEASON will be postpone due to some complications. It will air next week. So, this week, don't forget to vote! It's just one click away :)

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a JB addict ;)

Let's Vote!

Vote for the new theme song for SEASON 2!

every vote counts ;)

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Kantoi Busuk

Just watch it. It's fucking funny! ROFL. They're CRAZY! LOL :D
Guy in BLUE shirt, you're cute! ;)


Semalam I call you, you tak answer
Pukimak punya wanita, mana kau pergi?
Memantat lagi dengan membe I kat Damansara Jaya
Ha, you ingat saya tak tau ke awak ni perempuan murahan?!
Pukimak betul, ha, ha!
Semalam I pergi cari you
Merata-rata tempat pun tak ada
So, saya pun singgah di Chow Kit
Dan WOI!
Saya nampak awak memantat di tepi JALAN RAYA!

I'll never get tired of this. Go ZII AVEE! also to zee avi ;)

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Good Girls Go Bad

It's a new song by Cobra Starship featuring Leighton Meester (Gossip Girls). Cobra Starship make the BESTEST song ever! I've been waiting for the video for months and now, it's here! Rock your socks off ;D

I love Gabe! He's so damn fuckin effin HOT! x)

Awesome isn't it? XOXO

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Season 1 - Blogisode 6: Disclosure

Eddy (he is the twin too)


2 a.m.

Everyone is in bed but they were shocked to hear the doorbell rang too many times. Who the hell would come in the middle of the night. Then, the door is knocked. It sounds like the person was trying to break down the door.

Amirul: What in the world?

They went to the kitchen and everyone took a knife. Muiz gets the door and point the knife to that person. There stand a teenage boy, gasping for air.

Muiz: Who are you? If you don't leave now, I'm calling the cops!
Issany: Wait, no! Can I come in? Please. I'll explain to you inside. It's about Eddy.
Amirul: Issany?
Muiz: You know him?
Amirul: Yeah, he works for Afiqah, the detective.
Muiz: Really?! Why didn't you tell me earlier. If you did, I don't have to waste my time intimidating you.
Amirul: Please, come in.
Issany: Thanks!

They sat in the living room and Shakira prepared drinks for everyone.

Shakira: Here you go.
Issany: You don't have to. I'm not gonna be here for long.
Shakira: It's okay. You sure look tired. Have some drink.
Issany: Okay. thank you, ma'am.
Amirul: Did you run here?
Issany: Yes. I was followed but I manage to loose them.
Amirul: Why did they followed after you, son?
Issany: I left my backpack at the office last night so I went back to get it just now because all my work is in there. As I enter the office, I heard people talking in Afiqah's office. When I peek inside, there's Afiqah and a guy who came last Monday. I think his name is Naqib. I recorded their conversation.

Issany took out his digital audio recorder and played it.

Naqib: Did you take care of it? What if the cops know about this?
Afiqah: I don't know. I've hid all the evidence. I can't believe he's still alive.
Naqib: Me too. How come? I thought we killed him. I still remembered we burried his body.
Afiqah: I did too. How can I forget the face of the man I killed.
Naqib: Damn you, Eddy! Now, I can't marry Syafinaz.
Naqib: What was that? You're sure there's no one here?
Afiqah: Yes, positive. I've checked.
Issany(whispering): Oh, shit!

It stopped. Issany continued his story.

Issany: Then, Naqib and Afiqah went out of the room. So, I ran. They saw me. Naqib sent his men to chase after me. At a corner, there's two guys helped me. Then, I ran here with all my strength left.
Amirul: So, this means that they killed Eddy?
Issany: Well, that sounds like it.
Amirul: Wow, I can't believe it!
Muiz: I'm calling the cops.
Hajar: Hmm, no wonder this case never been solved.
Shakira: Where's mom?
Hajar: I think she went to the kitchen just now.
Shakira: Go and look for her.

Hajar went to the kitchen but Syafinaz wasn't there. She saw the back door is opened. She went back to the living room to tell the others.

Suddenly, there was someone knocking on the door. Hajar gets the door and she saw Syafinaz with Naqib and Afiqah. Naqib put his arms around Syafinaz's neck and pointed a gun at her head. Then, Afiqah grabbed Hajar and did the same thing as Naqib.

Naqib: Everyone, drop on the floor! Throw those knife here or we'll blow their head.
Hajar: Don't exaggerate. We all know that you're not going to do it.
Naqib: Don't test me, kid.
Hajar: Well, I want to. Go ahead you chick-een!
(Afiqah shoot Hajar's arm)
Hajar: OUCH!
Naqib: I've warned you.
Amirul: Why did you do all this Afiqah?
Afiqah: Cause I love Eddy! We were almost married that time but suddenly, he said that he's going to marry someone else. So, I made a deal with Naqib because he wanted Eddy to be out of the picture too.
Amirul: But, that's not right. They were forced to get married. He doesn't really have a choice. It's not his fault. Didn't Naqib tell you this?
Afiqah: Well, it's too late now. Just, shut up!
Hajar: Can we please get the first aid and stop my bleeding? Please...
Afiqah: Shut the fuck up!
Hajar: Hey, don't use the'f' word in here, biatch!
Afiqah: I've had enough with you. I'm gonna blow your head.
Syafinaz: NO! Please no. If you want to, do it to me. She's still young.
Afiqah: Okay.
Naqib: Don't you dare. We made a deal.
Afiqah: But, you lied to me. That breaks the deal.
Muiz: Are you guys finish?
Naqib+Afiqah: What?!
Muiz: Actually, I called the cops just before you guys came in. So, they're gonna be here in no time.

Then, there's two guys came into the house quietly through the open door. They both knock Naqib's and Afiqah's head with rocks. They passed out. Those two guys are actually Eddy and his twin brother. Naqib and Afiqah were tied together.

Syafinaz: Eddy? Is that you?
Eddy: Yes, it is.
Syafinaz: But, how?
Eddy: What actually happen is, I was saved by my twin. They did shoot me but they were stupid enough not to check my pulse. When they burried me, my twin followed them. Then, after they left, he dug up the place I was burried. No one knows I live 'til now except him.
Syafinaz: Why didn't you tell me? How could you!
Eddy: Well, I saw you're happy with Amirul and you guys have a kid. I don't wanna take away your happiness.
Syafinaz: Actually she's your baby.
Eddy: What?!
Shakira: Hey, dad!
(cry & hug Eddy)
Syafinaz: So, what now? Where will you go?
Eddy: Go live in Florida with my twin. Try to start anew after all this. I'm glad that they've been caught. Now, I can "rest in peace". Take care. (kiss Syafinaz's cheek)

Then, Eddy and his twin left as the police arrived. Naqib and Afiqah confessed. Everything is back to normal now. Hajar is sent to the hospital and she have to stay there for a week. But, her flight to London is in 2 days.

-End of Season 1-

Will Hajar go to London? Wait for the second season.

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I'm So Sorry!

I can't update the blog now. I had some request from people to update it but I'm busy with homework. So, perhaps this weekend. We'll see. Until then, just WAIT. haha! :D

I'm really truly sorry for the inconvenience.

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New Theme Song

I changed it because I think this song suits better :)

Band: Parachute
Title: Mess I Made


Newlyweds :)

On behalf of my class, I want to wish Cik, wait, PUAN Nur Hamizah bt. Haji Mohd Mahidi and his husband, Syafiq Anwar bin Haji Abdullah, a very happy life as life partners. Harap berkekalan hingga ke anakcucucicit and so on. Sorry we can't make it to your wedding last Saturday (06.06.09). It was all because of transportation problems at the very last minute. But, we're really happy for you ;) Can't wait to see your babies! LOL :D

p/s (to anyone who didn't know who she is): She is our Engineering Drawing teacher.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 5: Coming Back



At school, Shakree got a text message from Hajar:

"I'm goin home. I gotta settle this thing. thx fr ur help! ;)"

At Home

Hajar: I'm home! Anyone here?

Shakira rush to Hajar from the kitchen and hugged her.

Hajar: Mom, you're suffocating me!
Shakira: Oh, I'm sorry! Thank god you're home! We were worried about you. Are you okay?
Hajar: Yes, mom. I'm good. I just need a little time to think about it. It shocked me. duhhh...
Shakira: I understand that. Where did you go? Did you have a good sleep? Have you eaten? What...
Hajar: Mom, please...
Shakira: Sorry, I was just concerned.
Hajar: I'm here. You don't have to worry anymore. So, where's everyone?
Shakira: Your dad had gone to work, grandma gone out and grandpa went to the detective's office for a while. Just to check up on the update of the case.
Hajar: Ouh. Mom, I want to ask you something.
Shakira: What is it?
Hajar: Who's my real parents?
Shakira: I'm surprised to hear that. Well, we don't really know who they are.
Hajar: So, how did you found me?
Shakira: In front of the gate. Your dad came home late that day.


Muiz saw a box that was blocking his way. He went out of the car. Because of it was dark, he couldn't see what's inside. He lift the box and it was heavy. He got infront of his car and saw a baby wrapped in a piece of shabby cloth with blood stains. There was also a note saying,

"Please take care of this baby. I don't know what to do with her. We didn't name her yet. You can give her any name that you like, just help take care of her."

Muiz took it inside and talked with the others. Shakira agreed to keep and raise her as their own because she can't have a baby. The others agreed too.


Hajar: Can we find anyway to find my real parents?
Shakira: I don't know. It's hard. We've tried so many times before and the results are just dissapointing. I'm sorry.
Hajar: It's okay, mom. It's not your fault. If not because of you guys, I can't imagine what will happen to me. Thanks for taking care of me all these years.
Shakira: You don't have to thank me. I volunteered to do it. C'mon, just let go of the past. Put it in a box and throw it far, far away, okay?
Hajar: Okie dokie, mommy. Oh yeah, I was thinking, can I go to London next holiday?
Shakira: Yes, sure. We haven't have a family vacation in a long time!
Hajar: No, mom. I mean, by myself. Maybe I'll take Shakree along. Pretty please. I need to clear up my mind and I can't do it here.
Shakira: Okay, but I don't know if your dad is going to let you go.
Hajar: I know. That's why I need you. Talk to dad and convince him that I'm gonna be okay on my own. I'm not a kid anymore.
Shakira: Well, to us parents, our kids will still be a kid even if they're 60.
Hajar: MOM! Please, please, please convince him.
Shakira: Okay, I'll try my best.
Hajar: Thanks, mom. You're the best!

Hajar went to her room to check on the hotel room, plane tickets, et cetera. She was so excited to go away from the miserable things here and have a time on her own. Of course, she's not taking Shakree along. She just said that to get her parents' trust. Then, she starts packing because holiday starts in 2 days. The only thing on her way now is her dad.


Muiz: Why in the world you want to go there all alone when you can go with us?
Hajar: Dad, don't you understand? I need this. I need to breathe new air and leave all these problems behind for a while.
Shakira: Honey, just let her go. I know she can survive on her own.
Hajar: Yes, dad. You've taught me well. I'll be fine! Anyway, sooner or later, I'm going to live on my own. Why not let me start now so I'll be prepared for the upcoming adventure in life. Pleaseeeeeee......
Muiz: Hmm, you always get your way aren't you? (grin) Okay, okay, you can go.
Hajar: Oh my god, thanks like millions, dad. I love you so much!
Muiz: Yeah, you'll love me because I agree with you. When I don't you'll hate me.
Hajar: Well, I think that's just how teens are. You've been there once, don't you remember how it is?
Muiz: No. It was way too long to remember. Anyway, you need to promise me one thing.
Hajar: What is it?
Muiz: No sex, no booze and definitely no boys. Except for Shakree, though.
Hajar: Certainly. I will hold on to that, sir! Never gonna let it go. (smile) Didn't you said ONE thing? That's THREE!
Muiz: Don't push it. I might change my mind.
Hajar: Yeah, right! hahahahahaha!

-To be continued-

Keep on reading the next blogisode. There will be more adventure for Hajar in London and the murder case of Eddy will be solved. The murderer will be revealed ;)

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Theme song is here. I don't know if it suits the drama or not, but it's a good, no, a GREAT song! ;) It's one of my favourite song. This version is from a TV show on FOX (if I'm not mistaken). It's a musical comedy called GLEE. The original song is by JOURNEY. Below is a video of the scene.

Enjoy your socks off :D

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Idol

I just remembered about how pissed I am about the result. I really freaked out about it. It was so fucked up! ADAM LAMBERT should win! Kris have no talent. He doesn't have a powerful voice like Adam does. Adam even get a standing ovation from Simon. From SIMON, for God's sake! People are just too homophobic. Why do they even cared if he's gay? They don't care about gay marriage! Don't get it wrong, I'm not pro-homosex. I mean, this is a TALENT show, they should not be discriminate by their sexual status. So fucked up! Clearly, Adam should win. Even Kris said that. The final should be between Adam and Danny. If Danny wins I don't really care. But Kris?! WTF?! Are you deaf?!!! urgggghhhhh! I'm so effin mad! ;(

I have a video of these girls who support Adam. I'm with you! ;)


(actually,this is how I reacted and yes, I did roll on the floor. LOL)

buat mcm blog sendiri plak! haha! :D

So Sorry!

Gosh, I'm terribly sorry for not updating this blog. I'm sitting for my Mid Year Exam and it's like HELL! I will post a new blogisode this Thursday, maybe because I don't have any paper to sit for that day so I'm planning to not go to school. yeay! haha! :D


friday is the last day of exam. can't wait for it! then, it's holiday! ;) [ckp mcm dah abis SPM je. LOL :D]

Monday, May 18, 2009

Teacher's Day!

In conjunction of the TEACHER'S DAY which fell on 16th May, I wanna say something to all the teachers out there!

First of all, I wanna say, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!! I appreciate everything you had taught me and made me become this person I am today.

MILLION THANKS to the teachers that had taught our class (which is the most hated class of the year, I think) because you guys are willing to put up with our atrocious attitude and behaviour but still haven't given up on us.

How much we thank you can't be described in words.
Only god knows how thankful we are. May god bless you. I know that we always let you guys down but deep down inside, we really do LOVE you guys!!! ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Video That Is Not Relevant To ANAK FIRAUN

I was watching videos on YouTube randomly and I stumble into this video. I just had to put it up. It's so cool! I like this version more than the original. The original SUCKS!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 4: Runaway

newShakree- Hajar's BFF since kindegarten


Syafinaz went to see Naqib at his office

Syafinaz: I saw him today. I don't know what to do.
Naqib: Take it easy. Did he do anything to you like threat or anything?
Syafinaz: No. He's just haunting me. How in the world can he came back to life. Oh, I'm so confused right now.
Naqib: Does Amirul know about this?
Syafinaz: I don't think so. He didn't say anything.
Naqib: So, what about us? Have you told him yet?
Syafinaz: No, with all this things happening. I mean, after all these years, why now?! I can't seem to keep my mind straight. I'm so sorry.
Naqib: No, no, no. You didn't have to apologize. I'm going to figure this thing out and I promise I'll take care of it.
Syafinaz: Thank you. I love you so much! (while hugging Naqib)
Naqib: Anything for you, babe. I love you too! (kiss Syafinaz's forehead)

Back At Home

Hajar: I'm home!
Shakira: How's school?
Hajar: School is school, the capital of "Boredtown". (grinning)
Shakira: I think you should focus more on your studies.
Hajar: Okay, mom! I'll try but don't put your hopes too high. (laugh) So, how did it go with the detective thingy?
Shakira: Your grandpa said it went well and they already started the investigation. You don't have to worry about it. Worry more about your studies.
Hajar: Alrighty, mom. You don't have to tell me twice. I'm going to take a shower now.
Shakira: Hurry up! I had prepared lunch for you.
Hajar: Okie dokie!

Night (10 p.m.)

Hajar decided to go to the kitchen to eat something. While walking pass her parents' room, she heard them talking.

Shakira: I think it's time to tell her that she was adopted.
Muiz: I don't think she's ready for this. She needs a little more time.
Shakira: What?! She's old enough. How long are we going to keep this from her? It's been way too long. We decided to tell her after her 16th birthday and now, she's already 17.
Muiz: Give some more time. I'm afraid that this will affect her studies. Maybe next year.
Shakira: But...
Muiz: Shh, just wait for the right time, okay? For her.
Shakira: Okay.

Hajar can't believe what she heard. She ran back to her room. Both her parents heard her footsteps and knew that she had heard them so they went to her room. Shakira knocks on the door.

Shakira: Open the door, dear. Let us explain.
Hajar: NO! I heard everything. There's nothing more to explain. GO AWAY!
Shakira: Listen to us first. Then, you'll understand. Just don't do anything stupid.
Hajar: NO WAY! I said, GO AWAY!!!
Muiz: Let her calm down first, hun. We can talk to her tomorrow. C'mon.

Amirul and Syafinaz got out of their room after they heard the noise.

Amirul: What in the world is happening right now?
Muiz: She heard we're talking about her being adopted.
Syafinaz: OMG. This is terrible. Did you tell her the whole thing?
Shakira: No, we didn't get to. She's already sulking. We decided to wait tomorrow.


Shakira prepared breakfast for Hajar and when she called her name Hajar didn't answer so she went to her room. Hajar was not there. She already left. Shakira told everyone in the household and they try calling Hajar but she didn't answer her phone. Everyone starts to freak. They called her friends but they didn't know where she is.

She was actually at Shakree's house.

Shakree: Your parents called.
Hajar: So, what did you tell 'em?
Shakree: That you wasn't here and I pretended that I was shocked and said that I will try to find you. (laugh)
Hajar: Thanks, dude! You're the best'est' friend EVER! I don't know how to thank you. My mind is like a time bomb right now. Just waiting to detonate.
Shakree: I know how you feel. Been there, done that. I think you should go back home. They love you like their own and right now they worried sick about you. I bet they have a very good explaination. You can't run forever.
Hajar: But, I'm not ready to take it. It's too much.
Shakree: Sooner or later, you just have to deal with it. Better now.
Hajar: Okay, okay. But I'm gonna stay here for now. Maybe I'll go home tonight.
Shakree: You won't go to school?
Hajar: I don't think so. I don't have my uniform and your parents are not in town, so why not. Don't worry, I won't mess things up. I'm a girl for God's sake.
Shakree: Okay. Whatever suits you. I'm going to school now. See you later.
Hajar: Study hard!
Shakree: Yeah... (smile)

-To be continued-

What will Naqib do about Eddy? Will Hajar go back home or try to runaway again? Stay tuned for more ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 3: Investigation

*newIssany- Young detective; Afiqah's apprentice



*knock knock*

Afiqah: Come in!
Issany: The guy you're having appoinment with is here.
Afiqah: Okay, let him in.

Issany went to Amirul and lead him to Afiqah's office.

Amirul: Hello. How are you?
Afiqah: Good, how are you?
Amirul: Not so great.
Afiqah: So, what's so important you want to talk about?
Amirul: You won't believe it. Eddy's still alive!
Afiqah: WHAT?! How... but... huh?
Amirul: I have no idea. He called my wife on Saturday and we all freaked. Are you willing to investigate about this?
Afiqah: Of course! I've been working my butts off for this case.
Amirul: Oh, thank you! This meant so much for us. Please help us sleep at night.
Afiqah: No worries.

Amirul left the office and went home while Afiqah went investigate the case with Issany.

Issany: So, who really is this Eddy guy and why did you put your life to investigate about him even when the case was closed so long ago? Do you know him or something?
Afiqah: No one I knew. Just that I pity him because he die young. That's all. Shut up and do your work.
Issany: Ouh. Okay.

At Home

Shakira: So, how did it go?
Amirul: She's willing to do it. She actually starting now.
Shakira: Great! I can't wait for this thing to solve.
Amirul: Me too. My head is about to burst right now.

Syafinaz heard them talking while walking down the stairs.

Syafinaz: So, what are you guys talking about?
Shakira: Nothing. Just about the house. I think I want to renovate it. It's boring living in the same environment.
Syafinaz: You're right! I agree.
Shakira: Where are you going, mom?
Syafinaz: To a friend's house.
Amirul: Who?
Syafinaz: It's none of your business!
Amirul: Okay, okay. Just asking. Is it wrong?!
Syafinaz: Whatever! I'm late.

When Syafinaz opened the door, she saw someone walking pass the house and she can't believe her eyes. She just stands there in shocked.

Amirul: Is there something wrong? Why are you standing still in front of the door? You said you were late.
Syafinaz: I can do what I want. You ask too much questions! I hate it.
Amirul: I'm just concerned.
Syafinaz: Well, don't.

Then, Syafinaz left the house.

-To be continued-

So, who did Syafinaz see? I think you all know. Will the case be solve this time? Stay tuned! ;)

New and Improved

Well, there's still complaints about the characters. So, I decided to include the character list for every blogisode ;) Enjoy yourself while reading! :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sorry Letter from the Writer

There will be no blogisode for this week because I'm busy with homework and shits. So, maybe I'll continue it this weekend or maybe next week. But if I can find some time to write this week I'll probably continue the drama. So sorry for you readers out there! Hope you can wait ;)


Friday, April 24, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 2: The Past

*newMuiz- Hajar's foster dad; 37 years old
*newAfiqah- The detective that had been investigating Eddy's murder case for 38 years


Hajar: Wow, this is crazy! How can it be?
Shakira: Yeah, it's hard to believe. I'm shocked myself too! I didn't even know mom have a first husband.

Muiz came home from New York. He had a meeting with his client there.

Muiz: What's this? A family meeting. It's been so long since we had one. What's up?
Hajar: Dad, you won't believe what just happened. It's grandma.
Muiz: What about her?
Amirul: My wife is having an affair and yesterday, she got a call from his late husband.
Muiz: What?! Did you just said the word 'LATE'? I don't understand. How is this possible? A dead man can't make a call. This is just too weird for me.
Shakira: Not for you only, honey. It's weird for all of us. Dad, tell us about it, will ya?
Hajar: Yeah, I'm eager to know.
Amirul: Okay. At the age of 18, her parents made an arrangement for her to marry with their bestfriends' son, Eddy. She didn't want to but they forced her so she unwillingly married Eddy. After one year of marriage, Eddy was killed. Until now, there's no suspect for the murder and the case was closed after 15 years of investigation. I married her a year after Eddy died because our parents made us to. That time, I didn't want to marry her because it's weird marrying someone who just lost a husband and was pregnant. Back then, our parents made the decisions. We can't disobey them. She was so depressed and we're like two complete strangers living under one roof. After you (pointing to Shakira) were born, she gets better.
Shakira: Why didn't you tell me about this before? You never even mention about this!
Hajar: So, that means you're not really mom's real father?
Amirul: Your mom didn't let me to. She just wants the best for you, Shakira.
Muiz: So, who is she dating now?
Amirul: God knows who he is!
Hajar: I think we should investigate about this before it gets worst.
Muiz: I agree with you, kiddo. So, what you think?
I'm in. You?
Shakira: Anything you say.
Hajar: Well then. Tonight, pretend like nothing happen. Just act normal so she won't know we knew.

Everyone agreed. Then, Amirul called the detective that had been investigating Eddy's murder in the past.

Amirul: Is this Detective Afiqah?
Afiqah: Yes, it's her speaking. How can I help you?
Amirul: Are you free on Monday? I wanna come to your office. There's something important we need to talk about.
Afiqah: Yeah, sure. How about at 10 a.m.?
Amirul: Okay, see you then.

-To Be Continued-

what will happen to Syafinaz when the truth uncovered? tuned in next week! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Words from the Board of Writer

I'm sorry if you are confused with the characters. We have to crammed 24 characters in one story. Sorry again. I hope you'll enjoy it! ;)

Another thing, do leave comments for each episode so we can refine this story.

Thank you :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 1: Secrecy

The ANAK HARAM; 17 years old
Eddy- Syafinaz's first husband who everyone thought was dead; 58 years old

Syafinaz- Shakira's mom; 56 years old
Naqib- Syafinaz's first love; 56 years old
Amirul- Shakira's dad; 60 years old
Shakira- Hajar's foster mom; 35 years old


After she came back from school, Hajar went to her room. Then, the phone rang. So, she went down to pick it up

Hajar: Hello, who's speaking?
Eddy: Can I talk to Syafinaz?
Hajar: Oh, sure! ---G
RANNY! somoeone wants to talk to you
Syafinaz: Who is it?
Hajar: I dont know. He didnt say his name
Syafinaz: Who's there?
Eddy: Remember this voice?

He hung up. Syafinaz's face turned pale.

Hajar: What's wrong? Who's on the phone?
Syafinaz: No one. Wrong number
Hajar: Ohh, but he said your name... didnt he? (c0nfused)

Syafinaz went upstairs quickly. Then, Hajar went back to her room with confusion in her mind.


Hajar told Shakira about Syafinaz. Shakira is very anxious about it. She hoped it's nothing.

The Next Day

Syafinaz left home to see an old friend. She left a note saying she wont be home for dinner. Then, Hajar went to the mall with her friends. There, she saw Syafinaz with a guy. They didnt seem like a friend. It looks like more than a friend so Hajar went near them to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Naqib: You see, this is why I love you.
Syafinaz: Oh, I love you more!
Naqib: So, have you told him yet?
Syafinaz: No. I'm afraid to. He's gonna have a cow!
Naqib: But you promised we'll get married.
Syafinaz: I know, but yesterday, you wanna know who called me?
Naqib: Who?
Syafinaz: Eddy.
Naqib: WTF?! He's dead isnt he?
Syafinaz: I know. I really freaked when I heard his voice.
Naqib: Then?
Syafinaz: I dont know. He hung up. I dont know what to do now
Naqib: OMG. This is a disaster

Hajar quickly left the mall and call her mom. Shakira asked her to come home immediately.

Shakira: Are you serious?
Hajar: Yeah, why would I lie about it?
Amirul: I cant believe she did this to me
Shakira: Oh, dad I felt sorry for you. What mom did was really intolerable.
Hajar: So, who is the dead guy?

It became silence for a while. Amirul took a deep breath.

Amirul: He's your granny's first husband. He was killed.
Hajar: Who killed him? And, and how did he came back to life?
Amirul: No one knows.


who killed him? and what will happen to the family? will this shocking news crush them? stay tuned if you wanna know.
see ya! ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Note to self: The characters of this drama are from 5 Al Farabi '09 ONLY!


Afiq Abdul Kadir [Afiq]
Ahmad Husaini [Husai]
Ahmad Kamil [Kamil]
Amirul Zunnurain [Amirul]
Chin Zu Fong [Chin]
Eddy Juko [Eddy]
Hazim Che Zam [Hazim]
Mohamad Izzat [Ejad]
Mohamad Issany [Issany]
Mohd. Shakree Elmi [Shakree]
Mudrika Nafis [Mudrika]
Muhammad Akmal [Akmal]
Muhammad Danial [Danny]
Muhammad Naqib [Naqib]
Muhd. Abdul Qayyum [Qayyum]
Syed Mu'izzuddin Al-Jufree [Muiz]


Kamariah Nawari [Kamariah]
Noor Hajar [Hajar]
Nor Amirah [Mira]
Nurhidayah [Hidayah]
Nur Syafinaz [Syafinaz]
Nurul Afiqah [Afiqah]
Shakira Ismail [Shakira]
Siti Zalifah [Zalifah]