Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 5: Coming Back



At school, Shakree got a text message from Hajar:

"I'm goin home. I gotta settle this thing. thx fr ur help! ;)"

At Home

Hajar: I'm home! Anyone here?

Shakira rush to Hajar from the kitchen and hugged her.

Hajar: Mom, you're suffocating me!
Shakira: Oh, I'm sorry! Thank god you're home! We were worried about you. Are you okay?
Hajar: Yes, mom. I'm good. I just need a little time to think about it. It shocked me. duhhh...
Shakira: I understand that. Where did you go? Did you have a good sleep? Have you eaten? What...
Hajar: Mom, please...
Shakira: Sorry, I was just concerned.
Hajar: I'm here. You don't have to worry anymore. So, where's everyone?
Shakira: Your dad had gone to work, grandma gone out and grandpa went to the detective's office for a while. Just to check up on the update of the case.
Hajar: Ouh. Mom, I want to ask you something.
Shakira: What is it?
Hajar: Who's my real parents?
Shakira: I'm surprised to hear that. Well, we don't really know who they are.
Hajar: So, how did you found me?
Shakira: In front of the gate. Your dad came home late that day.


Muiz saw a box that was blocking his way. He went out of the car. Because of it was dark, he couldn't see what's inside. He lift the box and it was heavy. He got infront of his car and saw a baby wrapped in a piece of shabby cloth with blood stains. There was also a note saying,

"Please take care of this baby. I don't know what to do with her. We didn't name her yet. You can give her any name that you like, just help take care of her."

Muiz took it inside and talked with the others. Shakira agreed to keep and raise her as their own because she can't have a baby. The others agreed too.


Hajar: Can we find anyway to find my real parents?
Shakira: I don't know. It's hard. We've tried so many times before and the results are just dissapointing. I'm sorry.
Hajar: It's okay, mom. It's not your fault. If not because of you guys, I can't imagine what will happen to me. Thanks for taking care of me all these years.
Shakira: You don't have to thank me. I volunteered to do it. C'mon, just let go of the past. Put it in a box and throw it far, far away, okay?
Hajar: Okie dokie, mommy. Oh yeah, I was thinking, can I go to London next holiday?
Shakira: Yes, sure. We haven't have a family vacation in a long time!
Hajar: No, mom. I mean, by myself. Maybe I'll take Shakree along. Pretty please. I need to clear up my mind and I can't do it here.
Shakira: Okay, but I don't know if your dad is going to let you go.
Hajar: I know. That's why I need you. Talk to dad and convince him that I'm gonna be okay on my own. I'm not a kid anymore.
Shakira: Well, to us parents, our kids will still be a kid even if they're 60.
Hajar: MOM! Please, please, please convince him.
Shakira: Okay, I'll try my best.
Hajar: Thanks, mom. You're the best!

Hajar went to her room to check on the hotel room, plane tickets, et cetera. She was so excited to go away from the miserable things here and have a time on her own. Of course, she's not taking Shakree along. She just said that to get her parents' trust. Then, she starts packing because holiday starts in 2 days. The only thing on her way now is her dad.


Muiz: Why in the world you want to go there all alone when you can go with us?
Hajar: Dad, don't you understand? I need this. I need to breathe new air and leave all these problems behind for a while.
Shakira: Honey, just let her go. I know she can survive on her own.
Hajar: Yes, dad. You've taught me well. I'll be fine! Anyway, sooner or later, I'm going to live on my own. Why not let me start now so I'll be prepared for the upcoming adventure in life. Pleaseeeeeee......
Muiz: Hmm, you always get your way aren't you? (grin) Okay, okay, you can go.
Hajar: Oh my god, thanks like millions, dad. I love you so much!
Muiz: Yeah, you'll love me because I agree with you. When I don't you'll hate me.
Hajar: Well, I think that's just how teens are. You've been there once, don't you remember how it is?
Muiz: No. It was way too long to remember. Anyway, you need to promise me one thing.
Hajar: What is it?
Muiz: No sex, no booze and definitely no boys. Except for Shakree, though.
Hajar: Certainly. I will hold on to that, sir! Never gonna let it go. (smile) Didn't you said ONE thing? That's THREE!
Muiz: Don't push it. I might change my mind.
Hajar: Yeah, right! hahahahahaha!

-To be continued-

Keep on reading the next blogisode. There will be more adventure for Hajar in London and the murder case of Eddy will be solved. The murderer will be revealed ;)

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