Sunday, June 28, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 6: Disclosure

Eddy (he is the twin too)


2 a.m.

Everyone is in bed but they were shocked to hear the doorbell rang too many times. Who the hell would come in the middle of the night. Then, the door is knocked. It sounds like the person was trying to break down the door.

Amirul: What in the world?

They went to the kitchen and everyone took a knife. Muiz gets the door and point the knife to that person. There stand a teenage boy, gasping for air.

Muiz: Who are you? If you don't leave now, I'm calling the cops!
Issany: Wait, no! Can I come in? Please. I'll explain to you inside. It's about Eddy.
Amirul: Issany?
Muiz: You know him?
Amirul: Yeah, he works for Afiqah, the detective.
Muiz: Really?! Why didn't you tell me earlier. If you did, I don't have to waste my time intimidating you.
Amirul: Please, come in.
Issany: Thanks!

They sat in the living room and Shakira prepared drinks for everyone.

Shakira: Here you go.
Issany: You don't have to. I'm not gonna be here for long.
Shakira: It's okay. You sure look tired. Have some drink.
Issany: Okay. thank you, ma'am.
Amirul: Did you run here?
Issany: Yes. I was followed but I manage to loose them.
Amirul: Why did they followed after you, son?
Issany: I left my backpack at the office last night so I went back to get it just now because all my work is in there. As I enter the office, I heard people talking in Afiqah's office. When I peek inside, there's Afiqah and a guy who came last Monday. I think his name is Naqib. I recorded their conversation.

Issany took out his digital audio recorder and played it.

Naqib: Did you take care of it? What if the cops know about this?
Afiqah: I don't know. I've hid all the evidence. I can't believe he's still alive.
Naqib: Me too. How come? I thought we killed him. I still remembered we burried his body.
Afiqah: I did too. How can I forget the face of the man I killed.
Naqib: Damn you, Eddy! Now, I can't marry Syafinaz.
Naqib: What was that? You're sure there's no one here?
Afiqah: Yes, positive. I've checked.
Issany(whispering): Oh, shit!

It stopped. Issany continued his story.

Issany: Then, Naqib and Afiqah went out of the room. So, I ran. They saw me. Naqib sent his men to chase after me. At a corner, there's two guys helped me. Then, I ran here with all my strength left.
Amirul: So, this means that they killed Eddy?
Issany: Well, that sounds like it.
Amirul: Wow, I can't believe it!
Muiz: I'm calling the cops.
Hajar: Hmm, no wonder this case never been solved.
Shakira: Where's mom?
Hajar: I think she went to the kitchen just now.
Shakira: Go and look for her.

Hajar went to the kitchen but Syafinaz wasn't there. She saw the back door is opened. She went back to the living room to tell the others.

Suddenly, there was someone knocking on the door. Hajar gets the door and she saw Syafinaz with Naqib and Afiqah. Naqib put his arms around Syafinaz's neck and pointed a gun at her head. Then, Afiqah grabbed Hajar and did the same thing as Naqib.

Naqib: Everyone, drop on the floor! Throw those knife here or we'll blow their head.
Hajar: Don't exaggerate. We all know that you're not going to do it.
Naqib: Don't test me, kid.
Hajar: Well, I want to. Go ahead you chick-een!
(Afiqah shoot Hajar's arm)
Hajar: OUCH!
Naqib: I've warned you.
Amirul: Why did you do all this Afiqah?
Afiqah: Cause I love Eddy! We were almost married that time but suddenly, he said that he's going to marry someone else. So, I made a deal with Naqib because he wanted Eddy to be out of the picture too.
Amirul: But, that's not right. They were forced to get married. He doesn't really have a choice. It's not his fault. Didn't Naqib tell you this?
Afiqah: Well, it's too late now. Just, shut up!
Hajar: Can we please get the first aid and stop my bleeding? Please...
Afiqah: Shut the fuck up!
Hajar: Hey, don't use the'f' word in here, biatch!
Afiqah: I've had enough with you. I'm gonna blow your head.
Syafinaz: NO! Please no. If you want to, do it to me. She's still young.
Afiqah: Okay.
Naqib: Don't you dare. We made a deal.
Afiqah: But, you lied to me. That breaks the deal.
Muiz: Are you guys finish?
Naqib+Afiqah: What?!
Muiz: Actually, I called the cops just before you guys came in. So, they're gonna be here in no time.

Then, there's two guys came into the house quietly through the open door. They both knock Naqib's and Afiqah's head with rocks. They passed out. Those two guys are actually Eddy and his twin brother. Naqib and Afiqah were tied together.

Syafinaz: Eddy? Is that you?
Eddy: Yes, it is.
Syafinaz: But, how?
Eddy: What actually happen is, I was saved by my twin. They did shoot me but they were stupid enough not to check my pulse. When they burried me, my twin followed them. Then, after they left, he dug up the place I was burried. No one knows I live 'til now except him.
Syafinaz: Why didn't you tell me? How could you!
Eddy: Well, I saw you're happy with Amirul and you guys have a kid. I don't wanna take away your happiness.
Syafinaz: Actually she's your baby.
Eddy: What?!
Shakira: Hey, dad!
(cry & hug Eddy)
Syafinaz: So, what now? Where will you go?
Eddy: Go live in Florida with my twin. Try to start anew after all this. I'm glad that they've been caught. Now, I can "rest in peace". Take care. (kiss Syafinaz's cheek)

Then, Eddy and his twin left as the police arrived. Naqib and Afiqah confessed. Everything is back to normal now. Hajar is sent to the hospital and she have to stay there for a week. But, her flight to London is in 2 days.

-End of Season 1-

Will Hajar go to London? Wait for the second season.

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