Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 1: Secrecy

The ANAK HARAM; 17 years old
Eddy- Syafinaz's first husband who everyone thought was dead; 58 years old

Syafinaz- Shakira's mom; 56 years old
Naqib- Syafinaz's first love; 56 years old
Amirul- Shakira's dad; 60 years old
Shakira- Hajar's foster mom; 35 years old


After she came back from school, Hajar went to her room. Then, the phone rang. So, she went down to pick it up

Hajar: Hello, who's speaking?
Eddy: Can I talk to Syafinaz?
Hajar: Oh, sure! ---G
RANNY! somoeone wants to talk to you
Syafinaz: Who is it?
Hajar: I dont know. He didnt say his name
Syafinaz: Who's there?
Eddy: Remember this voice?

He hung up. Syafinaz's face turned pale.

Hajar: What's wrong? Who's on the phone?
Syafinaz: No one. Wrong number
Hajar: Ohh, but he said your name... didnt he? (c0nfused)

Syafinaz went upstairs quickly. Then, Hajar went back to her room with confusion in her mind.


Hajar told Shakira about Syafinaz. Shakira is very anxious about it. She hoped it's nothing.

The Next Day

Syafinaz left home to see an old friend. She left a note saying she wont be home for dinner. Then, Hajar went to the mall with her friends. There, she saw Syafinaz with a guy. They didnt seem like a friend. It looks like more than a friend so Hajar went near them to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Naqib: You see, this is why I love you.
Syafinaz: Oh, I love you more!
Naqib: So, have you told him yet?
Syafinaz: No. I'm afraid to. He's gonna have a cow!
Naqib: But you promised we'll get married.
Syafinaz: I know, but yesterday, you wanna know who called me?
Naqib: Who?
Syafinaz: Eddy.
Naqib: WTF?! He's dead isnt he?
Syafinaz: I know. I really freaked when I heard his voice.
Naqib: Then?
Syafinaz: I dont know. He hung up. I dont know what to do now
Naqib: OMG. This is a disaster

Hajar quickly left the mall and call her mom. Shakira asked her to come home immediately.

Shakira: Are you serious?
Hajar: Yeah, why would I lie about it?
Amirul: I cant believe she did this to me
Shakira: Oh, dad I felt sorry for you. What mom did was really intolerable.
Hajar: So, who is the dead guy?

It became silence for a while. Amirul took a deep breath.

Amirul: He's your granny's first husband. He was killed.
Hajar: Who killed him? And, and how did he came back to life?
Amirul: No one knows.


who killed him? and what will happen to the family? will this shocking news crush them? stay tuned if you wanna know.
see ya! ;)

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