Friday, April 24, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 2: The Past

*newMuiz- Hajar's foster dad; 37 years old
*newAfiqah- The detective that had been investigating Eddy's murder case for 38 years


Hajar: Wow, this is crazy! How can it be?
Shakira: Yeah, it's hard to believe. I'm shocked myself too! I didn't even know mom have a first husband.

Muiz came home from New York. He had a meeting with his client there.

Muiz: What's this? A family meeting. It's been so long since we had one. What's up?
Hajar: Dad, you won't believe what just happened. It's grandma.
Muiz: What about her?
Amirul: My wife is having an affair and yesterday, she got a call from his late husband.
Muiz: What?! Did you just said the word 'LATE'? I don't understand. How is this possible? A dead man can't make a call. This is just too weird for me.
Shakira: Not for you only, honey. It's weird for all of us. Dad, tell us about it, will ya?
Hajar: Yeah, I'm eager to know.
Amirul: Okay. At the age of 18, her parents made an arrangement for her to marry with their bestfriends' son, Eddy. She didn't want to but they forced her so she unwillingly married Eddy. After one year of marriage, Eddy was killed. Until now, there's no suspect for the murder and the case was closed after 15 years of investigation. I married her a year after Eddy died because our parents made us to. That time, I didn't want to marry her because it's weird marrying someone who just lost a husband and was pregnant. Back then, our parents made the decisions. We can't disobey them. She was so depressed and we're like two complete strangers living under one roof. After you (pointing to Shakira) were born, she gets better.
Shakira: Why didn't you tell me about this before? You never even mention about this!
Hajar: So, that means you're not really mom's real father?
Amirul: Your mom didn't let me to. She just wants the best for you, Shakira.
Muiz: So, who is she dating now?
Amirul: God knows who he is!
Hajar: I think we should investigate about this before it gets worst.
Muiz: I agree with you, kiddo. So, what you think?
I'm in. You?
Shakira: Anything you say.
Hajar: Well then. Tonight, pretend like nothing happen. Just act normal so she won't know we knew.

Everyone agreed. Then, Amirul called the detective that had been investigating Eddy's murder in the past.

Amirul: Is this Detective Afiqah?
Afiqah: Yes, it's her speaking. How can I help you?
Amirul: Are you free on Monday? I wanna come to your office. There's something important we need to talk about.
Afiqah: Yeah, sure. How about at 10 a.m.?
Amirul: Okay, see you then.

-To Be Continued-

what will happen to Syafinaz when the truth uncovered? tuned in next week! :)


  1. wahhh, semakin menarik . haha :D
    baru skarang aku phm org2 die sape.
    bape byk kali aku merujuk kat characters tuh
    punye la pyh nak igt. aha
    tmbah la lagi character :D

  2. nice dowh!
    i'll put it in our class official blog ya?

  3. haha hajar, intro kau tuh mcm warne gelang yg aku beli tadi. tp aku dah putuskan semue2 . haha ;P