Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 4: Runaway

newShakree- Hajar's BFF since kindegarten


Syafinaz went to see Naqib at his office

Syafinaz: I saw him today. I don't know what to do.
Naqib: Take it easy. Did he do anything to you like threat or anything?
Syafinaz: No. He's just haunting me. How in the world can he came back to life. Oh, I'm so confused right now.
Naqib: Does Amirul know about this?
Syafinaz: I don't think so. He didn't say anything.
Naqib: So, what about us? Have you told him yet?
Syafinaz: No, with all this things happening. I mean, after all these years, why now?! I can't seem to keep my mind straight. I'm so sorry.
Naqib: No, no, no. You didn't have to apologize. I'm going to figure this thing out and I promise I'll take care of it.
Syafinaz: Thank you. I love you so much! (while hugging Naqib)
Naqib: Anything for you, babe. I love you too! (kiss Syafinaz's forehead)

Back At Home

Hajar: I'm home!
Shakira: How's school?
Hajar: School is school, the capital of "Boredtown". (grinning)
Shakira: I think you should focus more on your studies.
Hajar: Okay, mom! I'll try but don't put your hopes too high. (laugh) So, how did it go with the detective thingy?
Shakira: Your grandpa said it went well and they already started the investigation. You don't have to worry about it. Worry more about your studies.
Hajar: Alrighty, mom. You don't have to tell me twice. I'm going to take a shower now.
Shakira: Hurry up! I had prepared lunch for you.
Hajar: Okie dokie!

Night (10 p.m.)

Hajar decided to go to the kitchen to eat something. While walking pass her parents' room, she heard them talking.

Shakira: I think it's time to tell her that she was adopted.
Muiz: I don't think she's ready for this. She needs a little more time.
Shakira: What?! She's old enough. How long are we going to keep this from her? It's been way too long. We decided to tell her after her 16th birthday and now, she's already 17.
Muiz: Give some more time. I'm afraid that this will affect her studies. Maybe next year.
Shakira: But...
Muiz: Shh, just wait for the right time, okay? For her.
Shakira: Okay.

Hajar can't believe what she heard. She ran back to her room. Both her parents heard her footsteps and knew that she had heard them so they went to her room. Shakira knocks on the door.

Shakira: Open the door, dear. Let us explain.
Hajar: NO! I heard everything. There's nothing more to explain. GO AWAY!
Shakira: Listen to us first. Then, you'll understand. Just don't do anything stupid.
Hajar: NO WAY! I said, GO AWAY!!!
Muiz: Let her calm down first, hun. We can talk to her tomorrow. C'mon.

Amirul and Syafinaz got out of their room after they heard the noise.

Amirul: What in the world is happening right now?
Muiz: She heard we're talking about her being adopted.
Syafinaz: OMG. This is terrible. Did you tell her the whole thing?
Shakira: No, we didn't get to. She's already sulking. We decided to wait tomorrow.


Shakira prepared breakfast for Hajar and when she called her name Hajar didn't answer so she went to her room. Hajar was not there. She already left. Shakira told everyone in the household and they try calling Hajar but she didn't answer her phone. Everyone starts to freak. They called her friends but they didn't know where she is.

She was actually at Shakree's house.

Shakree: Your parents called.
Hajar: So, what did you tell 'em?
Shakree: That you wasn't here and I pretended that I was shocked and said that I will try to find you. (laugh)
Hajar: Thanks, dude! You're the best'est' friend EVER! I don't know how to thank you. My mind is like a time bomb right now. Just waiting to detonate.
Shakree: I know how you feel. Been there, done that. I think you should go back home. They love you like their own and right now they worried sick about you. I bet they have a very good explaination. You can't run forever.
Hajar: But, I'm not ready to take it. It's too much.
Shakree: Sooner or later, you just have to deal with it. Better now.
Hajar: Okay, okay. But I'm gonna stay here for now. Maybe I'll go home tonight.
Shakree: You won't go to school?
Hajar: I don't think so. I don't have my uniform and your parents are not in town, so why not. Don't worry, I won't mess things up. I'm a girl for God's sake.
Shakree: Okay. Whatever suits you. I'm going to school now. See you later.
Hajar: Study hard!
Shakree: Yeah... (smile)

-To be continued-

What will Naqib do about Eddy? Will Hajar go back home or try to runaway again? Stay tuned for more ;)

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