Monday, May 4, 2009

Season 1 - Blogisode 3: Investigation

*newIssany- Young detective; Afiqah's apprentice



*knock knock*

Afiqah: Come in!
Issany: The guy you're having appoinment with is here.
Afiqah: Okay, let him in.

Issany went to Amirul and lead him to Afiqah's office.

Amirul: Hello. How are you?
Afiqah: Good, how are you?
Amirul: Not so great.
Afiqah: So, what's so important you want to talk about?
Amirul: You won't believe it. Eddy's still alive!
Afiqah: WHAT?! How... but... huh?
Amirul: I have no idea. He called my wife on Saturday and we all freaked. Are you willing to investigate about this?
Afiqah: Of course! I've been working my butts off for this case.
Amirul: Oh, thank you! This meant so much for us. Please help us sleep at night.
Afiqah: No worries.

Amirul left the office and went home while Afiqah went investigate the case with Issany.

Issany: So, who really is this Eddy guy and why did you put your life to investigate about him even when the case was closed so long ago? Do you know him or something?
Afiqah: No one I knew. Just that I pity him because he die young. That's all. Shut up and do your work.
Issany: Ouh. Okay.

At Home

Shakira: So, how did it go?
Amirul: She's willing to do it. She actually starting now.
Shakira: Great! I can't wait for this thing to solve.
Amirul: Me too. My head is about to burst right now.

Syafinaz heard them talking while walking down the stairs.

Syafinaz: So, what are you guys talking about?
Shakira: Nothing. Just about the house. I think I want to renovate it. It's boring living in the same environment.
Syafinaz: You're right! I agree.
Shakira: Where are you going, mom?
Syafinaz: To a friend's house.
Amirul: Who?
Syafinaz: It's none of your business!
Amirul: Okay, okay. Just asking. Is it wrong?!
Syafinaz: Whatever! I'm late.

When Syafinaz opened the door, she saw someone walking pass the house and she can't believe her eyes. She just stands there in shocked.

Amirul: Is there something wrong? Why are you standing still in front of the door? You said you were late.
Syafinaz: I can do what I want. You ask too much questions! I hate it.
Amirul: I'm just concerned.
Syafinaz: Well, don't.

Then, Syafinaz left the house.

-To be continued-

So, who did Syafinaz see? I think you all know. Will the case be solve this time? Stay tuned! ;)


  1. ahahahaa, issany is the young detective? i prefer die jd ustad :P