Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Idol

I just remembered about how pissed I am about the result. I really freaked out about it. It was so fucked up! ADAM LAMBERT should win! Kris have no talent. He doesn't have a powerful voice like Adam does. Adam even get a standing ovation from Simon. From SIMON, for God's sake! People are just too homophobic. Why do they even cared if he's gay? They don't care about gay marriage! Don't get it wrong, I'm not pro-homosex. I mean, this is a TALENT show, they should not be discriminate by their sexual status. So fucked up! Clearly, Adam should win. Even Kris said that. The final should be between Adam and Danny. If Danny wins I don't really care. But Kris?! WTF?! Are you deaf?!!! urgggghhhhh! I'm so effin mad! ;(

I have a video of these girls who support Adam. I'm with you! ;)


(actually,this is how I reacted and yes, I did roll on the floor. LOL)

buat mcm blog sendiri plak! haha! :D

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  1. tahu takpee. ttbe ade plakk american idol. LOL